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On this page you will find all the products to serve the perfect espresso: sugar, glasses, scoops, maintenance products. Large selection and low prices. Some products are also available in a biodegradable version, environmentally friendly.

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  • Plastic cups 80 mL. 50 pieces
    a partire da €1.20

    Classic disposable espresso glasses. Made of recyclable plastic, they can be thrown into the plastic bin. They are the ideal solution for work environments, fairs, events in general. Pack of 100 80 mL glasses (the ideal size for espresso coffee)

  • Plastic cups 160 mL. 50 pieces
    a partire da €1.70

    Classic long coffee or tea glasses, disposable. In recyclable plastic (they can be thrown in the plastic bin), they are the ideal solution for work environments, fairs, events in general. Pack of 100 160 mL glasses (the classic plastic cup for longer drinks, such as tea and herbal teas)

  • White sugar in sachet. 100 pieces
    a partire da €2.00

    Single-dose sugar sachets (6.5 g), individually packed for maximum hygiene. Pack of 100 sachets.

  • Plastic scoops for coffee. 100 pieces
    a partire da €2.00

    At home or at the bar you cannot give up the pleasure of a good coffee! For this DOpla has studied a line of accessories all dedicated to the ritual most loved by Italians. DOpla Professional pallets individually packed, or in compact packs, are made with certified raw materials to guarantee a higher level of hygiene. All DOpla plastic dishes are 100% recyclable. In fact, thanks to the ANCI-CONAI Agreement, pallets can be recycled by giving them in the collection of plastic. Check the provisions of your municipality and, as far as you can, respect the environment!

  • Descaling liquid. 100% organic
    a partire da €5.00
  • Anti limescale sachets
    a partire da €5.00

    This bag must be placed in the water tank of your coffee machine. The resin's action helps lower limescale content in the water, for a better coffee and longer-lasting machine. A bag is designed for approximately 1000 coffees.

  • Composable cups 180 mL. 50 Pieces

    Packs of 50 180mL glasses. Ideal for herbal teas, tea and instant drinks. Certified 100% compostable, they can be disposed of in the organic waste after use. A real ecological choice!

  • Palette in legno per caffè. 500 Pezzi
    a partire da €2.00
  • copy of 80 mL compostable coffee cups. 50 Pieces
    a partire da €2.50

    Packs of 50 compostable coffee glasses. They can be disposed of in the oragnic bin after use. A real ecological choice!