At the heart of coffee is where we would like to go and where we would like to take you. This is how was born, with the aim of following our greatest passion: Italian espresso coffee.

We are not roasters or even importers of coffee ... and this is our great strength. It seems a contradiction, but it is not. We have no interest in offering you a specific brand of coffee. The coffee pods and capsules that you find on are only the result of our selection based on taste, reliability and convenience. Other sites offer you much less choice, having their own espresso brand to promote. Here instead you find the juice of our last 14 years of life in the world of coffee. After so long in the "traditional" channels, we decided to embark on the great adventure of online commerce, to convey our experience and our passion.

Today, thanks to the work of great brands such as Illy, Lavazza, Nespresso, Bialetti, Dolce Gusto and many others, it is also possible at your home, without necessarily using expensive professional coffee machines, to prepare a perfect Italian espresso.

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The secret, as often happens in the world of food, lies in the raw materials! And here's experience and patience come into play: the careful search for the best roasters and the best coffee blends. Whether they are original or compatible pods or capsules , Lavazza A Modo Mio systems, Nespresso, UNO System, Dolce Gusto, or others, our first and greatest concern is quality. We have carefully selected the coffee producers and their best production (on you will not find the complete range of each producer. We have distilled the best coffee for you ..).

There is also a great selection of products that are not related to the world of coffee: tea, herbal teas, hot drinks, both soluble and in leaves, all at very low prices, always to offer you good savings.

to meet you further, has tried to put what it could: low prices! All pods, capsules and coffee beans allow you, by buying online, to save a lot compared to the classic sales channels. Prices are discounted and savings are guaranteed. Then there are often many savings offers.

Finally, do not forget the free shipping. You only need an order of more than € 49 of any type of coffee to enjoy free shipping with the Bartolini courier.

So try today the goodness of our coffee and the our service. Whether you are a user of coffee pods, coffee capsules, traditional coffee beans, original or compatible products (clones), we have the espresso for you! Brands like Covim, Gattopardo, Lavazza, Passione 88, Borbone, Lollo, Foodness speak for themselves ...