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Dolce Gusto-compatible "Espresso Bar" pods by Passione 88 is a 35% Arabica and 65% Robusta blend, for an intense and clean mix. Full-bodied espresso, with characteristic toasted bread notes and light chocolate and hazelnut notes. Availbale in 16-pod bags and 160-pod savings pack.

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Aromatic notes: Chocolate
Capsules per pack: 16
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Coffee pods with toasted notes

Nescafe Dolce Gusto "Espresso bar" compatible pods by Passione 88 contain a 35% Arabica and 65% Robusta blend, characterized by strength and body. The blend is made of 7 varities from all around the world: Arabica SHB, HB, HGA and "washed" from Central America; "washed" an natural Arabica from Brazil and Colombia; "washed" and natural sun-dried Arabica and Robusta from Ethiopia, Uganda and Togo; "washed" and natural Arabica and Robusta from Indonesia, India and Vietnam.

"Espresso Bar" is a full-bodied coffee, velvety and round. The taste is strong, intense and clean, with strong toasted bread notes and lighter notes of hazelnut and chocolate. The cream is abundant, with a lively and durable aftertaste. Dolce Gusto "Espresso Bar" pods has an abundant and full-bodied cream thanks to the intense roasting.

Why Passione 88? It is a shared opinion among experts that for a perfect espresso coffee, the water must reach a temperature of 88°C. This is how Passione 88 was born. Always looking for products that satisfy our taste, to be sure to satisfy yours too!

Features and compatibility

Passione 88 single-dose Espresso Bar pods are packaged in 16-pod bags in a protective atmosphere. This allows maximum hygiene and long-term preservation of the taste (up to 2 years if correctly stored).
Once the bag opened, CapsuleShop recommend using the pods within 30 days, to be able to fully enjoy all the aromas and flavors of these coffee pods. 

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