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Mint tea in Dolce Gusto-compatible capsules by Passione 88. A few seconds for a good tea with mint, pleasant and refreshing. The capsules are compatible with all Dolce Gusto machines. The package contains 16 recyclable single-use pods.

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Mint tea in Dolce Gusto compatible pods

This pack contains 16 Dolce Gusto compatible Mint Tea pods. They allow to prepare a tasty mint infusion for a refreshing drink. A very successful classic! The generous size of the capsules allows a volume of about 170 mL of mint tea to be dispensed. It contains mint leaves and is not a soluble product.
The drink is NOT SWEETENED and contains only peppermint leaves.

Passione 88 Dolce Gusto pods guarantee an ideal preservation of the aroma. Their special layered technology isolates the contents from heat and humidity variations. Properly stored, the capsules last for about two years. In addition, the structure of the capsule is designed so that, after use, the layers of plastic and aluminum can easily separate from the wet component, thus allowing easy recycling of materials.

Single-dose Min Tea capsules are packaged in a protective atmosphere in packs of 16 capsules. This allows maximum hygiene and long-term taste preservation. They can be used with the following machines: Melody, Genio 2, Mini Me, Piccolo, Drop, Stelia, Jovia, Oblo, Circolo (by De 'Longhi and Krups) and Gustissima (by Must).

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