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Cappuccino Gattopardo

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Cappuccino in Nespresso-compatible pods by Gattopardo. A few seconds to make a delicious cocoa-flavored cappuccino, already sweetened. The pods are packaged in handy 10-capsule bags, available as well in the 80-pods savings version.

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Capsules per pack: 10
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Cappuccino drink in Nespresso compatible pods

These capsules will allow you to make a delicious Nespresso-compatible cappuccino drink , in a few seconds. They contain a soluble mix of coffee, milk and chocolate, for a cappuccino-flavored coffe. Ideal to replace a coffee in the middle of the day.

Thanks to their long experience in the Nespresso-comaptible pods field, Caffè Gattopardo is able to suggest this cappuccino for Nespresso with an optimal supply.

CAUTION: The capsules contain milk derivatives (lactoserum, lactose, milk powder)

Features and compatibility

Gattopardo single-dose Cappuccino pods are packaged in 10-capsule bags in a protective atmosphere. This allows maximum hygiene and long-term preservation of the taste.
Just like the originals, these capsules are compatible with all original Nespresso coffee machines and most Nespresso capsule machines

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