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Vigoroso Lavazza

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"Espresso Vigoroso" for Nespresso machines is the great novelty of Lavazza. All the experience of the greatest Italian coffee roaster in Nespresso compatible capsules. "Vigoroso" has caramelized and toasted notes, with dark, dense and compact cream. An espresso of great strength and character.

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Aromatic notes: Caramel
Capsules per pack: 10
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Nespresso Lavazza capsules Intense and creamy

Lavazza's Nespresso Vigoroso compatible capsules contain a blend of washed Brazilian Arabica and Robusta beans, which reveal an espresso of great character and natural strength. The blend is made up of beans from Brazil and South America

The roasting is dark, at high temperature, and takes place with the traditional method, that is, in a rotating drum and a discontinuous cycle, where the beans rotate inside a cylinder crossed by a stream of hot air which allows a toasting uniform. The final aromatic notes are with a caramel aftertaste. On the palate, the espresso is intense and creamy, with a dark, compact and dense cream.

Features and compatibility

The Lavazza Vigoroso single-dose capsules are packed in boxes of 10, in a capsule called "self-protected", which protects the product from external contamination. advises you to keep the coffee capsules away from sources of direct light or excessive heat / cold, to avoid the deterioration of the aromas and flavors of this coffee.

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