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Bio Flores Passione 88

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Organic coffee in compostable capsules!
The "Bio Flores" blend by Passione 88 is now available in the brand new compostable ecological pods. Thanks to the special composition of the capsule and the protective parchment film, you can dispose of the capsules with the organic waste.
Ideal for a creamy and round espresso with an intense and persistent aftertaste. Pack of 10 organic and compostable Nespresso pods. Available in 100-pod saving boxes.

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Aromatic notes: Caramel
Capsules per pack: 10
Specialties: Biological Compostable
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Compostable and organic Nespresso pods, full-bodied coffee

The compostable and organic Nespresso-compatible "Bio Flores" pods are the brand new product from Passione 88: the environment-friendly pods! Thanks to the capsule's special composition, they can be disposed of with the organic waste.
Moreover, the single-origin "Bio Flores" coffee is certified organic.

Bio Flores Nespresso compatible pods offer a full-bodied espresso with a neutral and slightly chocolaty flavor. Free of acidity, it gives off a cocoa smell due to intense roasting. The cream is plentiful, with an intense and persistent aftertaste.

This coffee is from the island of Flores, in the Indonesian archipelago. Rich in active and inactive volcanoes, it is the ideal ground for coffee production.
The composition of Bio Flores is 100% Robusta, characteristically sweet, grown in the highlands of Ngada and Manggarai by local families of farmers, at altitudes between 400 and 1000 meters. The crops, exclusively handmade, take place from June to August.

The roasting occurs using a traditional method, i.e. in a rotating drum and a discontinuous cycle, where the beans rotate inside a cylinder through which a current of hot air is conveyed, allowing an uniform toasting. The slowness of the traditional process (up to 10 times slower than the continuous one) brings out the refinement and aromatic complexity of high quality coffees.

Features and compatibility

"Bio Flores" compostable Nespresso pods are packaged in bags of 10 capsules in a protective atmosphere. This allows the maximum hygiene and the maintenance of taste for a long time (2 years if well stored).
CapsuleShop recommends keeping the coffee capsules away from sources of direct light or excessive heat/cold, to prevent the deterioration of the coffee's aromas and flavors.

Just like the originals, these capsules are compatible with all Nespresso coffee machines, and with the majority of machines designed for Nespresso pods.

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