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Crema di Roma Passione 88

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NEW PACKAGING! Self-protected capsules with lower environmental impact, thanks to a reduced quantity of packaging.

Crema di Roma coffee capsules offer an intense and decisive espresso with excellent creaminess. The blend, rich in Robusta variety, is ideal for morning espresso. The aromas are intense, but at the same time delicate. Pack of 50 Nespresso capsules.

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Aromatic notes: Bitter
Capsules per pack: 50
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Capsules expressed with a strong aroma

Passione 88's Nespresso Crema di Roma compatible capsules contain a 100% Robusta blend, with high strength and body. The blend is made up of varieties of Robusta from India and Uganda.

Crema di Roma gives an espresso with a strong taste and persistent aromas, ideal for the morning charge. The perfect balance between sweet and bitter notes, combined with a characteristic acidity, make it a great classic among the blends of Passione 88.

Roasting takes place with a traditional method, that is, in a rotating drum with a discontinuous cycle, where the beans rotate inside a cylinder crossed by a stream of hot air which allows uniform toasting. The slowness of the traditional process (up to 10 times slower than the continuous one) brings out the refinement and aromatic complexity of high quality coffees.

Why Passione 88? It is common opinion among experts that for a perfect espresso coffee the water must reach a temperature of 88 degrees centigrade. Thus was born Passione 88. Always looking for products that satisfy our taste, to be sure to satisfy yours too!

Features and compatibility

The single-dose Crema di Roma capsules of Passione 88 are packaged in a protective atmosphere. This allows for maximum hygiene and long-lasting taste (2 years if well preserved). advises you to keep the coffee capsules away from sources of direct light or excessive heat / cold, to avoid the deterioration of the aromas and flavors of this coffee.

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