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Raosted barley for Nespresso

On this page you will find Nespresso compatible capsules for the preparation of an excellent barley drink. Nespresso barley is a coffee-like drink, obtained by roasting barley, but completely free of caffeine. An excellent substitute for the classic espresso, the barley for Nespresso that you find on our site will satisfy even the most demanding palates.

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  • Roasted barley
    Passione 88
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    4 €6.00
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    capsule 30

    Nespresso barley capsules. A few seconds for a delicious barley drink, like at the bar. Caffeine-free and with many beneficial properties. Pack of 30 capsules, in bags of 10, packaged in a protective atmosphere.

  • Roasted barley
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    8 €2.30
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    capsule 10

    Barley in Nespresso compatible capsules by Gattopardo. One of the leading brands in Italy offers you these compatible Nespresso to prepare a delicious barley coffee. Barley is an excellent substitute for traditional coffee: excellent taste and total absence of caffeine. Available in the 10-pack or in the 80-capsule savings pack.