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Nespresso Ginseng

Nespresso ginseng are capsules compatible with all the machines of the Nespresso system. They allow you to prepare a delicious ginseng coffee, with a thousand beneficial properties. Nespresso ginseng capsules are available on our website both in a sweetened and bitter version.

Nespresso Ginseng: a load of vitality and well-being!

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  • Ginseng coffee
    Passione 88
    a partire da €6.90
    capsule 30

    Nespresso ginseng coffee. A few seconds for a delicious ginseng flavored coffee, with all its anti-stress and revitalizing properties. Pack of 30 moderately sweetened Nespresso ginseng capsules.

  • Ginseng coffee
    a partire da €2.90
    capsule 10

    Ginseng flavored coffee in Nespresso compatible capsules by Gattopardo. One of the leading brands in Italy offers you these elegant bags of 10 Nespresso capsules to prepare a delicious Ginseng coffee, recognized remedy for problems such as stress and fatigue. Available in the 80 capsule savings pack.