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Amabile Passione 88

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Caffitaly "Amabile" capsules of Passione 88 contains pleasant sweetness characteristics that go well with other stronger ones that give espresso strength. Espresso is sweet and balanced, with the right body. Available in the pack of 10 Caffitaly compatible pods or in the 100 capsule savings pack.

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Aromatic notes: Floral
Capsules per pack: 10
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Caffitaly soft-tasting capsules

Passione 88 Caffitaly "Amabile" compatible capsules are a balanced blend of 50% Arabica and 50% Robusta. The blend consists of 9 varieties of coffee from all over the world: Central America, Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Uganda, Togo, Indonesia, India and Vietnam.

Amabile di Passione 88 has a delicate balance between sweetness and the body of the espresso. The aftertaste is long and intense, thanks to the particular selection of Arabica present.

"Amabile" in Caffitaly pods is therefore an espresso with great aromaticity and body, with many notes ranging from chocolate to roasted, from sweet to floral. The cream in the cup is abundant, consistent and intense in color.

Here you will find the complete range of all our Caffitaly compatible capsules

Equivalent to the originals, most Caffitaly coffee machines are compatible.
Attention: capsules not compatible with Caffitaly machines model S03 and LUNA S32

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