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A Modo Mio di Passione 88 ginseng coffee. A few seconds for a delicious ginseng flavored coffee, with all its anti-stress and revitalizing properties. Pack of 30 capsules already sweetened, in handy bags in a protective atmosphere of 10 capsules.

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Lavazza Ginseng Coffee A Modo Mio

These capsules Ginseng A Modo Mio allow you to prepare a delicious ginseng coffee in seconds. They contain 5% of ginseng extract (Panax ginseng), which are equivalent to 1% of pure Ginseng, which is considered the correct quantity for the right balance between positive effects and taste.

Ginseng is the extract of a root of oriental origin (Korea, China, Siberia). The name "Panax" has the same origin as the term "panacea", that is, a remedy for all ills. Modern studies in fact indicate that ginseng has an effect on the central nervous system. In particular, it modulates the state of excitation of neurons, promoting an ideal response to internal and external stimuli. For this reason, A Modo Mio ginseng coffee is known as an anti-stress remedy and as a drink that has a natural stimulating action.

Properties of Ginseng

Pharmacological studies confirm that ginseng coffee

    • increases resistance to stress
    • improves the feeling of appetite
    • increases fatigue resistance
    • relieves tiredness.

ATTENTION: Contain milk derivatives (proteins)


Equivalent to the originals, they are compatible with all Lavazza A Modo Mio coffee machines.

Here you can find the complete range of capsules compatible for Lavazza A Modo Mio

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